Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

If your stairs are straight without a bend or curve at the top middle or bottom then you need straight stairlifts. With this type of stairlift the rail on which then run can be pre-made and man ufactured with results in the time toinstall being a lot quicker and straight forward when compared to other stairlift types. The way in which straight stairlifts work is the rail is fixed to the stairs, so there is no damage to you walls, and the seat ‘runs’ along this rail so you can get up and down the stairs with ease! There are many different types and models or stairlifts and we offer the opportunity to receive brochures and prices from companies across Britain.

The process is simple!

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2) Receive brochures from stairlift specialists in your area.
3) Compare models and prices and choose the best for you.

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Discounted Straight Stairlifts

Prices of Straight Lifts.

In terms of prices and costs Straight Stairlifts are less expensive when compared to a curved, because the rail on which the Stairlift runs along is ‘pre-made’ and therefore can be manufactured in a range of lengths to fit the different staircases and kept in stock ready to be installed. For the same reason that makes the price cheaper (as the rail is not custom made) this often means they can be installed a lot quicker (even next day!) and is available at discounted prices through It all depends on the your stairs but don’t worry we can provide all the help and advice that you need so feel free to contact us today.

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