Curved Stairlifts

We are able to provide the information that you need to buy curved stairlifts – this includesCurved stairlifts
which model is suitable for your type of stairs and the prices and costs involved.

Do I need a Curved Stairlift?…If the stairs have a bend or curve at any point then a curved stairlift will be the best type for your needs. This may be going from the bottom hall, in the middle of the stairs or at the top going round onto a landing.

What are the costs of Curved Stairlifts?

Curved stairlifts are more expensive than straight stairlifts which is mainly due to the fact that
the track on which the stairlift runs has to be made to the exact shape of your stairs, so is
therefore custom made which increases the cost. As a rough estimate the price of a Curved
Stairlift starts at £2000 but it is very hard to give an accurate price without visiting and
taking measurements.

The best thing to do is contact us and our suppliers will be able to visit at a convenient time
and day and provide a price.

Request a price list, a DVD or brochure…

The main difference between a curved stairlift and a straight type is the rail on which the stairlift runs. This has to be custom made to fit the shape of your stairs, which may include a wrap around the bottom (as you can see in the photo above) to a staircase that has a middle landing and maybe even an extended rail at the top of the stairs onto a landing.

The custom made rail is one of the main reasons curved stairlifts prices are higher – they can not be pre-made or made in bulk and stored as stock – and therefore there is an extra cost involved. However you can rest assured that here at Stairlifts Britain we work with all suppliers in the UK and can bring the best prices direct to you.