Stairlift Prices

Like everything, price is important and you want the best deal! Everyday we get askedStairlift Prices
what are the stairlift prices?“…

If we could we would have a stairlift price list – but its not that easy and we do not want to
mislead people and give false low prices. Each staircase is different, in terms of length, width
and the bottom and top of the stairs and with the range of different types and models of
stairlifts its difficult to provide a one price fits all. However what we are able to do is get
stairlift prices local to you – this enables you to compare all aspects, the price and cost of
the stairlift along with the make and model. Once you have all this information you can
make an informed choice as to what is best for you.

Price calculator – start by selecting below…

Use the above tool to provide us with the information that we need for a specialist in your area of Britain to provide you with stairlift prices. We can send out brochures showing all the different types, makes and models but the best thing is to arrange a free home design and survey. This is the only proper way to get a accurate price of having a stairlift installed – we can give rough estimates but without having measurements its very hard to know the best stairlift model and therefore what the cost will be to install. We ensure there is a no pressure sales and the expert in your area will be able to visit at a convenient day and time that suits you, this may even be the same day as you contact us if you wish. They can then provide all the details and answer any questions that you may have, measure up your stairs and provide a price there and then depending on which model is suitable for you. Start by using our price tool above!

For information purposes and to give a very rough estimate straight stairlift prices are the least expensive (when compared to curved and outdoor models) – you should be looking to pay between £1000 – £2000 for a straight stairlift fitted along a normal sized set of stairs. If your stairs are curved then you will require a curved stairlift and the prices of curved stairlifts are approx between £3000 – £5000. The main reason for the difference in price is that the rail of which the stairlift seat runs and operates along has to be custom made to the shape of the curve in your stairs – compared to straight lifts the rail is pre-made and is a standard part, hence the saving on costs and cheaper end price to installed.

We can provide discounted prices and compare – use price calculator above!